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Samsung Funbelievable Funny Pricing? | Unbelievable @ 12,990 | Features, Pricing Of Samsung Funbelievable

samsung funbelievable

Samsung Funbelievable Funny Pricing? | Unbelievable @ 12,990 | Features, Pricing Of Samsung Funbelievable 32 Inch and 43 Inch

What is Samsung Funbelievable? , Samsung launched new television range with name of ‘Funbelievable’ aiming at a lower price and budget TVs, the naming itself suggest that television now at unbelievable price, Samsung launched two variants under this name and both the variants will be available in Samsung Store and online portals

  • Samsung Funbelievable 32 Inch Television
  • Samsung Funbelievable 43 Inch Smart Television

Samsung Funbelievable 32 Inch Television is kept at a price point of 12,990 INR and is a non-smart television, at this point, Samsung has not announced price for its 43-inch smart funbelievable television.

samsung funbelievable

Samsung 43 inch variant is a smart television which enables users to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Zee 5, Sony Liv and much more, Samsung have provided this smart feature so that users can watch all their favorite shows, series, daily soap from the internet directly on to their television without the additional cost of external devices like amazon’s fire tv stick, along with this Samsung have also embedded a new feature known as ‘Personal Computer Mode‘ in its 43-inch variant which allows users to use the television for web browsing or web surfing, to create, edit and share documents for school or office projects and also to access files saved on the cloud. 

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Variant 32 INCH 43 INCH
Smart Features NO YES
Screen Pixels 1080 X 720 1920 X 1080
High Defination? Only HD Full HD
Warranty 2 Year Samsung Warranty 2 Year Samsung Warranty

samsung funbelievable features

Samsung has also brought a new feature, ‘virtual music system‘ which is a built-in music player and allow users to change custom skins and apply other visualization effects while listening to their favorite songs, this feature enhances the sound quality and improve the clarity.

Samsung is one of the trusted brands in the market and have a leading position, it creates a safety and security with its consumer goods, products at the same time provide assurance of good quality, with the launch of funbelievable television at a low price point and low segment Samsung is going to reclaim its leading position in the television market.

Samsung Funbelievable features, is it worth it?

  • 32 Inch comes at a great price point of 12,990/- INR.
  • 32 Inch television support screen resolution of 1290 x 720 pixels HD display, which may be considered as sufficient at this price segment.
  • 43 Inch TV provides Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee 5 and much more.
  • 43 Inch TV has new features like ‘Virtual Music System‘ and ‘Personal Computer Mode‘.
  • Both variants come with 2 YEARS WARRANTY. 
  • Both variants support bright colors and amazing picture quality.

Clearly, Samsung 32 inch television doesn’t have much of features and is pretty basic, but at the same time it provides an attractive price tag of 12,990 INR and 2 years warranty which is fairly enough and 43-inch smart television packs a lot of new features and it will be at a low price as compared to other 43-inch television in the market.