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Xiaomi Cut the Cord | Xiaomi Wireless Charger | Is it Worth? | Top 5 Wireless Power Bank

cut the cord

Xiaomi Cut the Cord | Xiaomi Wireless Charger | Is it Worth? | Top 5 Wireless Power Bank

Xiaomi is set to launch a new product on 16th March 2020, this product is tag as ‘cut the cord’ by Xiaomi, this new range of product is expected to be a wireless power bank which will require no wire to charges all the wireless supporting phones, this power bank will come with built-in wireless charging coil along with fast charging support.


so far Xiaomi has not launched any wireless charging phones in India but promptly it is expected that the company will launch many wireless charging phones like MI 10 in India.

Cut the Cord by Xiaomi

  • Launch date 16th March 2020.
  • Expectation Wireless Charging Power Bank.
  • The price is expected to be 1500 INR and above.
  • Expected features like wirelessly fast charging support.

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Is it worth to buy Wireless Power Bank?

Xiaomi is the first smartphone brand to launch a wireless power bank in the market, at the same time the company is expected to launch a new smartphone range which will support wireless charging, Mi 10 is one of the smartphones from Xiaomi which supports wireless charging, this new generation wireless charging power bank will convenient for the users to charge their phones, all the collusion, and confusion of the wires will be eliminated, if Xiaomi launches this new power bank at a budgeted price then it will be a must-buy for wireless supported smartphone’s users.

How does wireless charging works?

Wireless Charing technology is already launched, many companies produce wireless charging dock, pad, and power banks, these wireless devices are embedded with an induction coil which creates a magnetic field to transfer the energy to other supported devices, this electromagnetic induction is safe to use, nowadays various devices come with support for wireless charging.

Here is the CUT THE CORD teaser video from Xiaomi.

Top 5 Wireless Power Bank 

  1. Tiitan Wireless Power Bank 
  2. Stuffcool Qi 10,000 MAH Power Bank
  3. Sketchfab 17,600 MAH Power Bank
  4. TRESBON 10,000 MAH Power Bank
  5. Vali VP-256 12,000 MAH Power Bank (with 5 % Coupon Auto Apply on Checkout)