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Xiaomi Privacy Issues | 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About

xiaomi privacy issues

Xiaomi Privacy Issues | 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About

Xiaomi is one of the biggest Chinese manufactures of smartphones and other consumer goods, the company‚Äôs estimated net worth is more than 46 billion USD dollars, In India, this Chinese electronics company holds 27% Market Share.

Xiaomi Privacy Issues

  1. Xiaomi collecting web information along with data of millions of web users even on “incognito mode”, this news came out on various websites along with ‘Forbes’ having evidence and theory, it is said that the company is recording all the data and private information of their smartphone users, tracking of all the websites visited by a user, time spent on a particular website, keyword tracking, but how it is done? An HTTP request is made to a remotely located server with all this information, this information is encrypted while sent along with the HTTP request, this event cannot be traced without intercepting the network traffic and decrypting the data sent along with it, all together the remort server cannot be linked to Xiaomi but it is for sure that such tracking events are a threat and the privacy of a user is compromised without their consent. xiaomi privacy issues
  2. Xiaomi Privacy Issues matters are not new such allegation on the company have been made previously, In the year 2014, a cybersecurity firm issued a warning that the company’s phones are sending out the information like user’s contact information, their text messages, photos, IMEI number and other data like installed apps, usage time on such application, etc to a remort server located in CHINA, these are very sensitive information and the company is not allowed to store or collect such information of their users without their appropriate content, Xiaomi soon realized it and they claim it a loophole bug in the cloud service and rectified it on the earlier stage.Xiaomi privacy issues
  3. Xiaomi is a Chinese Registered company with a huge market share in India and other Asian countries, any allegations on user’s private information or data collection against the company can harm its reputation at large, Recently with MIUI operating system Xiaomi has launched a feature called ‘dual apps‘, Dual app is a feature that allows cloning of the application without any ‘ROOT’ permission, now this feature has a powerful right to overwrite phone’s information and spoof itself this app can poses a thread in many ways. A person can hide its phone identity and can mislead any official apps or government programmed applications. In the Android operating platform, Xiaomi is the first company to comes with this overriding android security feature. xiaomi privacy issues
  4. Talking about Xiaomi Privacy Issues, the company came into many allegations about stealing its user data or sensitive information, many security firms, tech experts and big websites have made such claims that the smartphones of this brand are sending out information but no such official actions from the authorities are taken against the company and still, the reputation of this Chinese tech giant is still intact and growing, as with the launch of MIUI 12 the company had launched a new privacy features claiming that it is very well concerned about the user’s privacy and no compromise is made against privacy and security, this new privacy feature embedded in MIUI 12 can be seen as a company’s movement against such over the time allegations. Read more about Xiaomi Cut the Cord | Xiaomi Wireless Charger | Is it Worth? | Top 5 Wireless Power Bank
  5. How Xiaomi dealing with Xiaomi Privacy Issues? the company has several times issued a press release on its website claiming that all the allegations made against it are misinterpreted or not true, they have placed their theory out and has made it clear that privacy of all the users are taken seriously along with that no compromise are done in that, there is no evidence against them to prove that the data or information are collected and stored by them. Well at this point we need to think about the following things that what will a consumer goods electronic company will do with millions of user’s data? how it will be useful for them? will they incur research and development costs on collecting and storing millions of user’s data or on making better new tech smartphones? 

Response against Xiaomi Privacy Issues

Xiaomi’s Response to the media claiming that privacy is the biggest concern to the company along with that the data collected from the browser is misinterpreted, they have provided clarification and backup documents against it.

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