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How to Get Travel Pass In Gujarat Lockdown?

How to Get Travel Pass In Gujarat Lockdown?

How to Get Travel Pass In Gujarat Lockdown?

As the Lockdown continues government has provided some facility to Travel from one place to another within a state or out the state border but only after getting a Valid Travel Pass.

If you want to travel from one place to another from your location to another location in case of an emergency then you can obtain a Valid Travelling Pass and show that E-pass to authorities and they will allow you to travel.

How to obtain a travel pass in Gujarat?

To obtain Travel Pass follow these simple procedures.

  •  Go to Gujarat Government official Website or hereHow to Get Travel Pass In Gujarat Lockdown?
  • Register yourself by filling the required fields
  • After Successful Registration, Click on ‘Request a New Service’How to Get Travel Pass In Gujarat Lockdown?
  • After selecting the new request service you will see several services to select from, choose your appropriate choice.

    How to Get Travel Pass In Gujarat Lockdown?
    These are the services you can select from.
  • Apply for Travel Pass and fill all the required details like Name, Address, Reason for Travel, Vehicle Registered Number and other details.
  • You might need to upload your Licence Copy, Vehicle RC book and other documents for obtaining Travel Pass.

After you applied for travel pass in Gujarat site the verification process will take some time to verify and after verification, your travel pass will be issued to you in form of PDF, you can download that PDF and carry it along while travelling.

How to download your travel pass?

Go to the website and login with your account, check for the Approved tab and inside the Approved Tab you will get your travel pass, download it and carry it while travelling.

How much time does it take to verify your Travel pass application?

Your travel pass verification will be completed within 24 hours, in many cases it comes within 4 to 5 hours, in some cases you need to call customer care.

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How many people can Travel under Travel Pass in Gujarat?

When you apply for a travel pass then you need to mention the number of people that will travel along with you while going to a destination and you need to mention number of person coming back again with you.