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Popular Zoom Meeting App for video chat | Is it safe to download zoom meeting app? | Free Download

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Popular Zoom Meeting App for video chat | Is it safe to download Zoom Meeting App? | Free Download

With the world dealing with social distancing to fight against CORONAVIRUS keeping distance from work staff and relatives, there is a rise in the download of VIDEO CALLING application which can allow users to do video call conference with their friends and families as well as with office employee working from home, there are many new applications launching to organize video calls conference.

Zoom Meeting App is one of the great free application which allows users to connect with their friends and colleagues on a high definition video call also it support video call conference with up to 100 users at a time.

  • Up To 100 Users.
  • Video Call Conference.
  • High Definition Video Calls.
  • Free Plan support 40 minutes free video calling.
  • Web Video Call Conference.
  • Secured and Support AES 256 bits encryption.

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How To Download the Zoom Meeting App for Free?

To download Zoom Meeting App for free you can go to the following given links all the sources are available for free download.

  • Download the Zoom Meeting App for Google Play Store
  • Download the Zoom Meeting App For Apple Phones From Apple Store for Free.
  • Download for Windows and other platforms like MAC book or iPad or Google Chrome Extensions and Others.

Zoom meeting app supports up to 100 video call conferences and is free to use along with that it also provides paid plans for businesses to extend support and the number of users in a video call conference.

How To Use the Zoom Meeting App?

Zoom meeting app can host up to 100 users in a single video call conference, users can invite friends and family members to join the video call conference which is secured by AES 256 encryption to protect data, users can enjoy high definition video calls conference over the phone internet or wireless networks.

To use Zoom Meeting App you need to Sign Up and make an account in-app or on the website, After Sign up user will get a personal invitation ID which can be shared with friends and family or office colleagues to join you in a video chat, a user can also host a video call conference room which will allow others to join and enjoy video call conference.

  • Sign Up your account.
  • Get personal shareable ID / Unique Code
  • Make a shareable video call conference room for everyone
  • Share your room link and enjoy with friends, families and colleagues.

Zoom meeting app also provides enterprise plans if a business wants to host a high-quality conference for its employee, the paid plans start from $14.99 per month per host, the other plans are as follows.

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To buy the Zoom meeting app for centerpiece visit here.

Is it Safe To Use Zoom Meeting App?

Zoom meeting app is a video call conference is a secured app which supports high encryption like AES 256 bits encryption, it is also used by many well-known enterprises and business-like Nasdaq, UBER, Veeva and many more. it is important for an application to provide well security when it comes to user data and their video feeds, with the easy interface along with security zoom meeting app enhance the trust in million of its users.

Zoom app was founded in the year 2011 and is publicly traded on Nasdaq exchange, this reliable application supports many cross platforms and provide high end experiences to its users. Zoom meeting app has bagged many awards since the year 2011 and is widely recognized by many multinational companies.

Conclusion, YES it is safe to use the Zoom Meeting app for friends and families or for your enterprise and company.