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Most Loved Money Heist Season 4 | Where to Watch? | Teaser

money heist part 4

Most Loved Money Heist Season 4 | Where to Watch? | Teaser | Upcoming Money Heist Part 5?

The captive and most-watched Netflix series Money Heist is back again with its season 4 along with the thrilling adventure and biggest heist of the history, the energetic Professor Alvaro Morte and the gang once again hit the screens. Are you ready to watch it?

Money Heist the Spanish television series with its thrilling story, criminal drama, famous soundtracks, and perfect cinematography has already entertained its audience the most, its one of the greatest hits on Netflix, the series was launched in 2017 by Spanish television media and later was bought by Netflix, this series was filmed in Madrid and various other places like Spain, Thailand Itlay.

money heist season 4

Bella Ciao, One of the most famous Italian protest folk soundtrack Bella Ciao is played in various times in the series Money Heist and had been in the trend since then, it made its way on social media since 2018 and stayed in the trend of weeks.

The series Money Heist is a thrilling adventure made on the biggest robbery which is held in the Royal Mint of Spain which is a design by the Professor Alvaro Morte and his brother and is performed by its gang, Netflix had divided this act into various seasons and with each passing seasons, it increases the suspense and excitement in the audience.

Where to watch Money Heist Season 4?

Money Heist Season 4 is released on 3rd April 2020 worldwide on Netflix, You can watch Money Heist Seasons on Netflix, Here is the title link.

Netflix, https://www.netflix.com/title/80192098

To watch the series on Netflix u need to subscribe as it’s a premium user or start a free trial.

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The show Money Heist is bought by Netflix in late 2017 and is only available on it till now, no other sources like apple tv or other library have confirmed its release.

Money Heist Part 4 Official Teaser

Here is the official trailer of Money Heist Part 4 which is released on 3rd April 2020,

The Trailer shows it all as to how the series is going to entertain you.

Money Heist Part 5 Release Date?

Will there be another part? YES, Netflix has confirmed that there will be part 5 but there is no official date on its release this part is going to be the grand finale of the whole series. It is definitely going to be the most awaited part of all time.

More About the Heist,

Till now there is 4 part of Money Heist and here is a quick recap on it, the first part is the plot where the gang of professor enter the royal mint and hijack it to execute the plan made by Professor Alvaro Morte, the plan is to take hostages in the bank and print around 2.4 billion Euro and escape with it, the cops wait outside the bank to prevent this great escape and secured the hostages including the governor of the mint, along with that the in-charge of cops is Raquel Murillo which later form an unknowing relationship with the Professor and meet him on an island after the escape, later part shows as to how the one of the gang member ‘Rio’ makes a mistake and get caught by the police which is then kept under an unknown facility and being torcher by a special cop name Alicia Sierra, the professor then decide to help Rio out from them by again entering the royal mint, the whole heist then design to melt out the gold from the bank of Spain and then to escape with it.

With all this fictional act and a great escape, with the loss of life of the loved one and drama the series has become one of the most-watched series on Netflix and is a big hit of all the time.