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What is Corona? | Worth Deaths from Corona Virus | China Hidden Facts About Corona


What is Corona? | Worth Deaths from Corona Virus | China Hidden Facts About Corona | Corona Cure?

What is Corona?

  • Corona is group of deadly virus first originated and detected from a china’s city Wuhan
  • Group of Disease like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and a newly disease name COVID-19
  • This Deadly CORONA Virus have killed more than 3000 people and have affected more than 90,000 people all over the world till end of February 2020.
  • CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK have brutally affected major part of CHINA after the Chinese New Year (12, Feb 2020)

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Symptoms of Corona

  • Usually if a person is affected from CORONA VIRUS, he/she will show symptoms of fever, tiredness, and dry cough within average range of 5 days after getting affected.
  • Runny Nose, Sore Throat or Diarrhea are also the symptoms as seen in Corona Virus affected person.

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Dark Secrets of China

According to several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, China have evacuated several schools, colleges, hostel and several apartments and sanitized them with various chemicals to prevent the spread of this deadly Corona virus, several army troupes were deployed to do such works, while the evacuation people have to leave behind their belongings, valuables and have to left the place for authorities to search and sanitize.

Dr. Li Wenliang , the doctor who informed Corona Virus to several people was arrested by police authorities for spreading such information and later was released, He got affected with Corona Virus while treating it’s infected patient and died on 7 February 2020 due to Corona Virus! He is now known as whistle blower about Corona Virus , after his death many citizen of china came to protest against government for keeping the secrets about the facts of Corona virus outbreak and taking measures against such whistle-blowers. 

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after this incident china’s government and authorities had strictly warn several doctors, researchers, co-workers to NOT-TO talk about Corona virus, or spread rumors on public forums or over media platforms.

It is claimed that during this outbreak government, local authorities have covered up and controlled many incidence happened due to Corona virus, controlled various social media platforms like ‘we chat‘ , news channels from publishing any information which can create worse situations among others.

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Burning of Dead?

corona worst case scenario
*Image from Twitter

According to this tweet, it claimed as it cloud be possible scenario that authorities had burn dead bodies of people died due to Corona virus, later others claimed it as release of chemical disinfection in the streets of Wuhan to prevent the outbreak.

What is Corona, How Bad is Corona Virus?

As on 1st March 2020

  • So far 82 countries have been affected in which majorly CHINA, South Korea and Iran are badly affected.
  • Several Industries in China had to halt their production due to this outbreak.
  • Economy of various countries got affected as the import and export of goods and material from/to china reduced rapidly.
  • Tense situation globally and several levels medical emergency announced from WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • CORONA virus outbreak affected various parts of CHINA as well as other countries.

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What is Corona and Corona Remedies

  • Till Today (1st March, 2020), No Vaccination are found to prevent or treat this deadly diseases and COVID-2019.
  • No Antibiotics work against viruses.
  • People with medical history like high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, are more likely to develop serious illness

Around 1 out of 6 who gets affected due to CORONA develop serious illness which can cause to breathing problem and death, only proper care and medical attention can help in recover of patients affected from CORONA virus, this out break came into existence as on December 2019, in Wuhan of China and rapidly spread across borders and to various countries overseas.